The Color Master

the color masterI don’t tend to read short story collections very often, generally gravitating towards novels, but an intriguing recommendation from a friend led me to pick up Aimee Bender’s The Color Master.  And I am glad I listened to her, because her recommendation led me to one of my new favorite books!

I think what drew me into this collection more than others was the sense of fairy tale that ran throughout the stories.  Aimee Bender writes in a clear, engaging way and has a brilliant imagination that enchants the reader.  While at first glance each story is about ordinary people living ordinary lives, there is a spark of magic in every story that makes them something special.  In one story, a talented seamstress is hired to mend tigers; in another a girl meets a stranger who happens to have a ring exactly like the one she threw in the river years ago; and in the title piece, the workers at a tailor shop strive to create the perfect blend of colors to make dresses the color of the moon, sun, and sky.

I look forward to checking out Aimee Bender’s other work, and while I was not a fan of short story collections before, after reading The Color Master I’ve been converted, and I certainly am now!

Bender, Aimee. The Color Master. New York: Doubleday, 2013.

Book design by Maria Carella.  Jacket design by Emily Mahon.  Tactile typographic art copyright Dominique Falla.  Image from


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  1. I read her Flammable Skirt collection, which was entertaining. Thanks for reviewing Color Master, I think I will read it, too.

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